A referral program is a system that incentivizes existing customers to recommend our products to their family, friends and other customer base.

Brandlab Nigreia created their own referral program as a way to reach more resellers and SMM Buyers.

It’s a smm marketing strategy that asks existing happy, loyal customers to become brand advocates. They’re incentivized to do so—in return for wallets credits for  purchases of our services and withdrawals. Therefore we're also using this medium to reduce spam registrations and fake account creations that is why you were required to provide a valid "Referral ID" in the signup page, we have redesigned our platform to work for only SMM resellers and serious SMM buyers and promoters. Without wasting much of your time in this boring note , the ADMINs have decided to provide every new registration that does not have a "Referral ID" with one so they can have access to our services and make more money but it will be for a little token, we know it sounds crazy and absurd to ask people for money before registering on "SMM PLATFORMS" but we have to do this to seperate the serious ones from the panel fillers. After gaining access to the platform you will not need to pay for anymore thing but to enjoy our fast, reliable services then you will be provided with your own "Referral ID" to share with other people (Visit the Affiliate Page after signing up for more info).
Kindly note the little token you will pay will be deposited to your wallet after signing-up, so you can have a chance to test our services if it works for you or not. We welcome you to our platform and promise to provide quality SMM services only. (ADMIN - Brandlabng) For any questions kindly make use of the whatsapp button in the buttom left corner of our platform, we will be ready to assist.